Reports error due to user language

Hi all!!
We have made a migration from Server to Cloud in a client and we have encountered the following problem. When selecting the close statuses in the Source Data account, we indicate “Closed”. If the user that is included in the Source Data has the language set to English everything is correct, but if we change the user and this has the language set to another languaje, it changes the name of the close status, and the report is not correct because it’s taking into account only some issues and not all, we haven’t configured translations in the statuses. This is a problem when we need to use close statuses in reports as the data does not appear correctly due to the user’s language. Could you tell me why this behavior is due and how could this be solved?
Thank you very much and best regards

Hi @Paloma,

I believe we had a conversation in the internal eazyBI support channel. After some additional information, it seemed the data differences were caused by the different sets of data being imported and not because of the status translations.

Please get back to me in the internal conversation if you have any questions or other details.