Reports Snapshot

Hi all,

I wonder if there is a way to store report snapshot?


Hi @Shimon ,

Welcom to the eazyBI community.

While eazyBI supports historical data analysis, we do not create data snapshots on a specific date.

Historical data reports might be pretty accurate and keep values over time. However, there are some limitations there. We do not import changes for all fields. For example, we do not import changes for projects, advanced roadmap parent links, etc. Those two I detected in your report. The reports use several issue properties - they always represent the current values and might change over time - Issue resolution date, Resolution, Hito, etc. You are using Sprints ID as well. However, they might keep the current values. Please note Active sprints used in the formula can be open at the end of December. They might not be open next year. Therefore, the Issue Resolution date or Period End will have the main changes > Time To Market Previsto Total.

If you want a snapshot at the beginning of the period, you can consider exporting and storing the report as PDF or PNG. You can consider creating a dashboard and subscribing on the first day of any month. It will send the PDF of all the reports in the dashboard as a PDF. Thus, you will have a saved results reference.

See more on how to create the dashboards here:Create dashboards
And more on subscription here: Email subscription