Reqular Import Frequency has only 3 options to be set

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Good morning and thanks for your continuous support to people. I have a simple question: do you know why I am not able to see on my cloud instance the option “Regular Import frequency” with more than three options: “default (every daily)” , “No regular import” and “Daily at specific Time”. I would be needing to set it at least 3 times a day. I saw at documentation that these kind of options are available, like “every x hours”.

Thanks upfront, Darío.

Hi @Dario_Tjor

In the eazyBI for Jira Cloud the regular import frequency can be set up to 1 time per day with additional Process events that listen to most important Jira Cloud webhooks and updates data every hour on issue creation, resolution, updates and deletion, sprint and board changes, and logged hour events.

The parameters for setting the regular import frequency even lower are only available for eazyBI for Jira Server/Data center: Advanced settings

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Nauris / eazyBI support

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Thank yoy Nauris for your prompted response.

I do appreciate.

Have a nice day.