Resolution = Done does not work with Average days in Transitions Status

Hi community, hope you can help me.

When combining the Days in transition status measure (which the Average days in transition status measure is based on) with the Resolution dimension, it will include issues that have had status changes with the selected resolution. So for example, by filtering on Resolution Done, only issues that have had a status change when having the Resolution Done will be returned. I’m unable to find a workaround for it as well.

I want to have the Average resolution days, following these hypothesis:

  • Status = Done
  • Resolution = Done
    Give the Average days in transitions status.

Could it be something related to the charge of data from Jira? or there is something that I am missing?
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Hi @leticia,

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The eazyBI app imports the change history for the Resolution as well as the Status.
Therefore, the historical and transition measures include the resolution of the issue at the moment of the transition.

The workaround for your case might be to import the issue’s current resolution as a standalone dimension.
You might then use this dimension to filter issues and retrieve their historical measures.

You might create that via import options - New calculated fields.
The JavaScript code to be used might be as follows.

if (issue.fields.resolution)
  { return; }

You might then import this field and use it to filter the issues according to their current resolution.

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Thank you so much for your help.
It works!!!