Resolved Story Points by Prior Assignee per Sprint

I’d like to create a report of the story points completed per prior assignee. The reason is because at present our QA people are assigned to a story at the end, so it’s hard to determine how many points the developers themselves have completed as they’re no longer assigned.

I understand that this would double-dip story points for the QA and Developers; that’s OK.

The goal is to have the assignees as rows, and the total story points completed per sprint as the columns, where the issues included in the story point count are those that belonged to the assignee at any point

So far, my research shows that I’m supposed to use the issue history to pluck out the prior assignees and integrate them into the assignee measure, but I’m lost at this point and don’t know how to get that to turn into “show me each assignee’s points, including all of the tickets they were ever assigned to”

Hi @IanTiso,

You are heading in the right direction; the “Issues history” is the key to the solution as it would show any issues assigned to users at some point.
The tricky part is getting only those issues completed during the sprint. In this case, you might want to define a new calculated measure that would filter issues based on their sprint and their assignment history and then sum up the story points for each Assignee.

The expression might look like this:

  --iterate through all issues and filter them by criteria
    --check that issue has SP and is resolved
    NOT IsEmpty([Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Story Points')) AND
    NOT IsEmpty([Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Resolved at' )) AND
    --check that issue was assigned to the selected Assignee at some point
    ([Measures].[Issues history],
    [Sprint].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember) > 0
  --sum up the completed story points ignoring the assignee at the sprint completion
  ([Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed],

More details on calculated measures and used functions are described in the documentation:

Zane /