Resolved Subtaks show the sprint in which the Story was resolved

Hi there,

Im trying to build up a Dashboard right now and got a fundamental problem with the Subtasks.

Right now, if i check the “resolved Storypoints” over Time (Days/Months) i get the correct Answer.
November 39, December 74 etc.

However, if i try the same over Sprints, it tells me, that the first 6 Sprints have no resolved Storypoints. Which is not correct.
As far as i know, the Subtasks inherit the Sprint from their Storys, which explains my problem, since there were no resolved Storys in the first 6 Sprints.

How can i bypass this problem to show the correct amount of resolved Storypoints each Sprint?


Im new to EazyBi and BI in generel, so i welcome any help.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards

Hi @LeoDu ,

Welcome to the community!

​The measure Story Points resolved displays the current story point value for the issues. However, those are linked to the issue current sprint.

​​If you want to display the date from the Sprint perspective - you should look for the Sprint scope measures - Jira Software custom fields.
The measure ‘Sprint Story Points completed’ will attribute the story points to the Sprint when the issues were moved to the Done category. This might work better for your report.

​Oskars /