REST API and historical measures

I’m evaluating eazyBI with respect to project monitoring. As a data source I’m using a json file from a web service imported to eazyBI via the REST-API import.

eazyBI’s Jira data importer has a function “Import issue change history”, which enables historical measures in reports. Is there anything similar for the the general REST API import?

The data source is ALM Octane (by MicroFocus). Issue types in ALM Octane have a “History” similar to Jira’s ChangeLog.

Thanks in advance


eazyBI integration with Jira indeed allows importing change history for Issue level members which basically is all changes on issue level for some custom fields (and some default fields like Status) which are defined prior to import.

If your data source contains historical information about changes for the source_ID column members, it should be possible to import that also via Rest API, but then I guess everything relies on the correct column mapping where you define the dimensions and measures for the cube and what measures should be created timewise.

Please reach out to with more details on your requirement and data source.

Martins / eazyBI support.