REST API Source not working

I am using eazyBI for some licensing reporting. I.e. showing the current number of users in my Atlassian instances.
This works fine with the Confluence REST end point:

but when I am trying the same with my JIRA Software instance the setup of the source application throws an error for this REST endpoint
The error message is:
bad URI(absolute but no path): https:

The same REST endpoint works in the browser without a problem.

Does anyone know how to work around this issue.

// Svante

We did tests for the API. We see that the API does not “like” standard HTML Accept header. We are adding the header for all JSON requests. I created a ticket for UPM - .
EazyBI allows customizations - I can create custom eazyBI code just for you where we are not setting the header for JIRA Licence REST API. If you want to give a try for that, please write back to

Thnx for your reply and the creation of the UPM ticket! I am watching it now!

For the time being I am ok since I pull the same info via an SQL connector directly from the database. So no need for the customization.
I do hope Atlassian picks up the bug you reported so that they are more consistent across their applications.

// Svante