I’m trying to get a collection of items from a Monday’s board.
Can someone please help me figure out why it doesn’t work?

This query works in
query { boards(ids: XXXXXX) { items(limit: 10) { name } } }

In easyBi:

Request method: POST
Request body: {“query”: “{ boards(ids: XXXXXX) { items(limit: 10) { name } }”}
HTTP Header: Authorization
Header value: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Content type: JSON

Very simple query which returns first 10 titles to test the query.
What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you!

Hi @MikeS,

Do you get an error or get redirected to an empty data mapping screen?

Best regards,
Jānis Baiža
eazyBI developer

Hi @MikeS ,

It seems that you have a missing “}” in your eazyBI request body.
The following returned data for me:

{"query": "{ boards(ids: [board_id]) { items(limit: 10) { name } } }"}


Hey @janis.baiza ,

Thanks a lot for prompt reply!
I don’t even reach the data mapping screen!
Continuous spinning until it raises the error: execution expired

Well, I’m still stuck. See my config:

Anything to add?

Hi @MikeS,

If you are using eazyBI on the Jira Server/Data Center, could it be that outgoing network connections are disabled for your Jira server?
If network connections are allowed, please send eazyBI log files (Troubleshooting) to our support email

Best regards,

Hey @janis.baiza,

You are right, we use Jira Data Center edition. I’ll check with admins.
Thanks again for your support!
I’ll give feedback ASAP.


Hey @janis.baiza,

So, that was the issue! Had to whitelist the connection using Jira Data center.
Thanks a lot for your support!

Best regards,

Hi @MikeS ,

Thank you for confirming that the network restrictions were the reason for the error.

P.S. We have a separate app for data analysis -
Also, I added your reference to an internal improvement request to enable data import into eazyBI for Jira Data Center.