RESTapi map array fields to a cube

I’m trying to import data with the REST Connector.
I’m facing the problem that I have several fields with multi enum (array) values given and I didn’t found any way to map them as a dimension to the cube. All other String, Date and so on field are no problem.

Any idea how to solve this?

Currently, eazyBI does not extract arrays into several data entries you can import as a dimension. You would like to use some custom JavaScript code to access all array values and specify import options.

If you would like to import this as multiple values dimension, you will need to multiply one data entry into several rows where each row contains a single value of it. You can use an underscore.js library function for this.

Here is an example with this function used for REST API import described in our documentation for this.

Please note, multiple value dimensions will cause multiplication of values. This might make it harder to analyze data by distinct count especially when used with custom data import. Consider an option to concatenate array values as one string value as an alternative option as well.

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