Result Set filter difficulties, epics and hierarchy tree in JIRA

New to EasyBi and we are struggling in trying to filter our tree hierarchy reports to see all of the items under a subset of epics.

We have started with a report based off of the Gantt chart template located here.

While this brings back everything in our system, we desire to only have a subset of epics and their appropriate children & sub-task returned.

The behavior we are trying to emulate.
If we take the base Ghant chart, add “Priority” as a Page and then select a particular Priority, (ex. High),
You get only the items with that priority throughout the hierarchy. Ex. a sub-task has a ‘High” Priority, and the User Story and Epic have ‘Medium” priority, the sub-task is returned in the chart as well as the User Story and Epic, maintaining the visibly of the hierarchy .
This is great and what we want to achieve.

What we are struggling with:
Defining a filter or method to limit the Epics returned and maintain seeing and being able to expand the hierarchy.
A few attempts and their results.

  1. Using Epic Name and using a “Filter rows” matches ‘TEXT’ , this being common text only in the epics we want to report on.
    Results: Since the User Stories, and sub-tasks do not have the Field Epic Name, only the Epic is returned and the “+” to expand the tree shows nothing under it.
  2. Utilizing a custom field, assign that field a value to differentiate the desired epics from the rest,
    Tried using the Filter Rows and matches that fields entry value, same result only the epic and none of the hierarchy returns.
    Tried using the custom field in the “Pages” and then selecting value in the drop down, the same result, only epic nothing under it.

Seems like we are missing something simple and basic, but nothing seems to work.

Any help or pointers in the proper direction would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @dornm21,
Welcome to the eazyBI community! :wave:
You can add the Issue dimension to Pages and select Epic hierarchy from there, it will filter Epic with all related issues to it, and their subtasks.

For the second question you can check the answer here on how to create Issue linked field with the value from epic customfield:

Gerda //