Retrieving passed fixversion

Hello dear madam and sir,

I have an issue. I want to retrieve all fixVersions before the current fixVersion. How can I achieve it?

Let’s say I have projects A, B

project A has issues with fix Versions: AA1, BCA2, DES2, BDER2
DES2 is the current fixVersion
AA1, BCA2 are passed fixVersion
BDER2 are unreleased fixVersion
How can I retrieve issues with fixVersion (AA1, BCA2 ) that are not anymore actual?
something like passed version < actual Versions, so that it get updated automatically

Thanks in advance


Hello dear support,

can we have a reply ?


Hi @Bodi ,
In eazyBI, the issue property “Issue fix versions” contains all the issues’ versions. If you want to see versions by status, you can use the “Fix Version” dimension by “Status” to see unreleased and released versions. Also, you can add version start and release dates to see the time periods.

But to help you with defining the ‘passed fixVersions’, I need more information on how you define the ‘Current Fix Version’ for your issue? Is it the latest released version, or the release date is in selected time period? Or maybe by the page filter selection, or is there some other logic behind the ‘current version’?


Hi @gerda.grantina ,

thanks for the reply,
Lets say I have imported 3 projects with jql = project in (projectA, projectB, projectC) and fixVersion < “current fixVersion”
for project A I use version release date
for project B I use version start date
for project C I use fix versions

Or I have these actual version release dates
for project A: Oct 25 2021
for project B: Nov 14 2021
And I want all issues with versions release date < actual version releases dates (For Project A and Project B)?
For versions start date and issue fix versions (name), it will probably be the same?

How can I define it?


Hi @Bodi ,

When I try to try the JQL part “fixVersion < “current fixVersion”” my Jira doesn’t recognize this type of query. Do you have some 3rd party app for it? Or do you have some Jira fields for the current version? As I checked the Atlassian documentation and couldn’t find this. I need this information to understand how to define the same in eazyBI.

You mentioned that for projects A and B, you have different actual version release dates. There is an option to generate a list of versions before the dates that are defined in the MDX formula for each project, in my case DA and DB projects.

  Filter([Fix Version].[Version].Members,
   ([Measures].[Issues created], 
   [Time].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember) > 0
   -- if Project is DA and release before 
   (([Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('PARENT_KEY') = 'DA'
   DateBeforePeriodEnd([Measures].[Version release date],
   [Time].[Day].DateMember('Dec 31 2021')))
   -- if Project is DB and release before 
   ([Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('PARENT_KEY') = 'DB'
   DateBeforePeriodEnd([Measures].[Version release date],
   [Time].[Day].DateMember('Apr 30 2020'))))
  [Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name,

In the report: