Retrieving Total Issues Backlog by a User Defined Interval

I am new to EasyBI and MDX, and getting stuck on one particular reporting need. We need to generate a report on all backlog Issues with user defined intervals. (example - all backlog issues from 0-3, 4-7, 8-15, 16-30 days old). I would love any assistance or specific MDX examples to tackle this issue as I have a feeling it is not a difficult task in EasyBI with the custom fields options.

Hi @lmiv ,

I recommend using the Age Interval dimension in combination with the Status dimension member, representing the backlog issues. In my case, it is the “To Do” status. See a screenshot of the interval dimension configuration and the report below:

In my case, I have 88 issues older than 15 days in the backlog.

See more details on the eazyBI documentation page on how to import the Age Interval dimension and how to configure the interval.

Roberts //