Running reports on data from multiple Cubes/Data Sources


I am new to EasyBI and am looking to create specific reports but the report needs to contain data from multiple sources/cubes.

For example, I have Cubes for data import from Zendesk and Jira. I want to create a report (created vs. Resolved). There is a built in report for this but the problem is that I want show Created/Resolved and grouped by Tier. In my environment, Tier 1 data is coming from Zendesk Cube (Source1) and Tier 2 and Tier 3 data is coming from Jira Cube (Source2). How can I create a report to show both data sets on the same graph?

Also, I have unique situation where I want to create another report by status and the status in Zendesk is not the same as in Jira. Without changing it in JIRA (not an option) how can I do this, do I need to create custom fields and map them or are their functions and queries that can be used to do this? For example, show a Stacked Bar graph showing Escalations by Week (Last 12 weeks) group by Priority:

Zendesk Priority is Urgent, High, Normal and Low

Jira Priority is Blocker, Critical, Major, Minor


Please help me

Hi, Boris,

Data from different data sources are imported in separate data cubes. Thereby they can not be used in the same reports (reports are created within a cube). Though, you may place reports from all the cubes in one eazyBI dashboard.

Instead of using standard Zendesk data import, you may import some Zendesk data as additional data into Jira cube using REST API, SQL select or CSV.

You could map additional data to existing Jira dimensions and create new properties and measures, however, creation of new dimensions or dimension members is not allowed in that way.

Please reach out to if you have further questions about this!

Kind regards,