Sale department reaport

I’m testing now eazyBi to create report my Sales Department. I would like to create a sale plan raport based on few fields from my Issues.

  • Expected (Date field, Expected date of profit)
  • CRM Companies (Custom field from CRM for Jira Addon)
  • Margin (Potential profit)
  • Summary
  • Sale probability (Probability of positive finish of sale)

I would like to create something like this:

Sum from Margin
Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Sum of 2019
Expected 2019-01 2019-02 2019-03 Sum of Quarter 1 2019-04 2019-05 2019-06 Sum of Quarter 2
Company A
Issue sumary with sale for Comapny A 123456 123456 123456
Company B
Issue Ssummary with sale for Company B 123456 123456 123456

But on start i have a lot of issues. i can’t import Expected data field as dimension:

I tried to import with Advanced Setting CRM Companies , it’s a multi select custom field so i was configured it’s like this
name = “Companies”
data_type = “string”
multiple_values = true
split = “,”
measures = true
And I Can’t see them in Measures. Field in Jira REST API look like this:

value “Company Sp. z o.o.”
id “15008”


The report should be possible in eazyBI by adding the Company dimension to the report rows (once it is successfully imported) and time in the report columns with the proper hierarchy levels selected.

There are a couple of comments regarding your solution.

As the Expected is a date field in Jira, it is not possible to import such field as a dimension. The dimension from the date field would not have any meaning; instead, you have already correctly selected the field to be imported as a measure. The benefit from this selection is that all the other measures you import are joined with the Expected field in the custom measures like “Margin with Expected” (see here for more). You will be able to use this measure in your report to show the data by the “Expected” date.

There are a couple of fixes needed to import the Company field correctly. You need to tell eazyBI that it will be a dimension, and you do not need to specify the multiple values settings as it seems a single choice field. Please, try the following settings to import the Company:

name = “Companies”
data_type = “string”
dimension = true