Sample reports: Sprint velocity Chart

Hi everyone,

I’m looking at the following sample report: Sample Jira Software ==> Sprint velocity chart

I was hoping someone could explain to me where the ‘Last closed sprints by boards <= 10’ filter comes from. I know about the ability to filter out rows (click on the header ==> Filter row) but that’s a simple filter which looks at numbers in a row and hides anything which doesn’t match. In this case, ‘Last closed Sprints by boards’ feels like a calculated measure of some sort? I guess that’s what really confuses me, I didn’t find a measure with such a name. Furthermore, why does that filter have a name? When I filter out rows, i.e.: ‘>0’, there aren’t any names applied to the filter. Why is this one named?

Hopefully my questions make sense. TIA for your answers!

Hi @BiNoob ,

You might open the report by clicking on the link under the report name in the dashboard.
Then you might expand the Measures dimension and search for the relevant measure by entering its name in the search box.

The measure was, on purpose, named in such a way as to look better on the report.

Oskars /