Saved Feature and URL Link Change

Hi EazyBI Team,

We use a lot of the links to reports and dashboards in confluence and other locations such as various portal and when the report/dashboard is renamed the link also changes. This results in having to update all the links.

Feature Request:

  • When the report is renamed or saved, just keep the ID in the URL link and not the name of the report/dashboard.



Hi @fabian.lim,

eazyBI already works as you describe. eazyBI looks for the report or dashboard based on the ID of the report or dashboard. When you rename the report, the ID remains the same, and the shared URL still works.

You may even cut off the report name when sharing the report or dashboard URL if you prefer the shorter URL version. For example, this is cropped link to the Kanban dashboard in the Demo account:

Zane /

Thanks for sharing Zane. Good to know that this already exists.