Scatter plot of # of days in current status

I have 4 custom status groups and am trying to create a scatter plot of the statuses on the x-axis and the number of days in that status on the y-axis. I want it to look something along these lines


Any help on this would be appreciated.


You may want to use a scatter chart. To create a scatter, you need to select a numerical value for both axes - the X-axis and Y-axis.
For Y-axis you would use a measure that calculates days in the status; if historical days work for you, use the measure “Days in transition status”. You can use your preferred measure instead.
On the X-axis, you also need a number. Therefore, to group by status on Y-axis, you need to map each status to a number (To Do - 1, In Progress - 2, etc). For that, create a calculated measure; if you use “Days in transition status”, you would use the “Transition status” dimension in this measure (let’s call it “Transition status as number”):

CASE [Transition Status].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name
  WHEN "To Do" THEN 1
  WHEN "In Progress" THEN 2
   WHEN "In Review" THEN 3
  WHEN "Done" THEN 4

Now, put the report together: “Issue” dimension issues in the report rows; measures “Days in transition status” and “Transition status as number” as well as “Transition status” dimension in columns:

Customize the scatter chart

  • select “Transition status as number” on X-axis.
  • set X-axis step as 1, then only 1,2,3,4… appear on the axis
  • in the X-axis Title, you may write the description of what each number on the axis means.

Hopefully, it would work for you!

You may also watch a video about the basics on how to build a scatter chart: Training videos - eazyBI for Jira