Scheduled import monthly


I have a requirement to update my reports monthly rather than daily. Is it possible to schedule to import to monthly rather than daily?

i appreciate that daily is better to see a more up to date view of what is happening, however, I’m asked by my directors to leave data as a ‘frozen’ snapshot for the month so that they can view the same information whenever they view a report, rather than it being an ever changing landscape.

Any help or suggestions you have that could help me with this would be greatly appreciated.


Anthony :slight_smile:

Hi @AnthonyB

There is no possiblities at the moment to change the minimum import frequency to 1 month.
We have a feature request on our backlog to add custom options for import frequency and I added your vote on it but unfortunately I can’t share any promises aboud this development.
As a workaround, you could perhaps choose “no regular import” option for import frequency and then delegate somebody to import data manually once per month.

Martins / eazyBI team