Security Level is not importing


anybody had trouble with importing dimension Security Level?

I am unable to import from JIRA any issue, that has set up Issue Security.
In EazyBI I can only see Security Level = (none)

I have also checked through the option “Test custom JavaScript code with the issue” in Import settings. The result is, that the Issue is not even imported. I did not specify in any way that the issues with Issue Security should be excluded.

Any ideas about how can I import these issues to EazyBI?


Hi @GreksaM,

From the information you provided, it looks like the user who is the account owner and authorized the data import into the cube doesn’t have the permissions in Jira to access issues with security levels other than “None”. Please check the Jira Project security level schemas.

Another possibility could be a JQL filter in the eazyBI import settings limiting the import. Please have a look at our documentation page -

Kind regards,
Roberts // eazyBI support