Select dates between (from - to) picker

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Probably a basic Cube/MDX question but i haven been able to find an answer to it in the community so i give it a try.

Is there a way, in eazyBI, to have a drop-down date picker to be able to select dates in the ‘from - to’ format?

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eazyBI does not have an option to selected dates between from - to via date picker. Here are suggested solution on how to get longer periods

We suggest using multiple selections on Pages and select all periods you would like to use for reports. Please consider what level of data you would like to use. We suggest using weeks, months, quarters instead of days for any time period selection whenever possible. It will give you the option to select longer periods and it will work faster. Consider using custom weekly hierarchies if you have periods starting mid-week and you would like to pull in several weeks, for example, bi-weekly.

If needed we suggest using some custom calculated members with dynamic period selections. We have default time calculated members for Current month, Previous month, Last 30 days, Current week, Previous week, etc. You can define more using one of the patterns used in formulas.

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Hi @daina.tupule
Thanks for your feedback and alternative solutions.

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