Separate Graphs for each row item

I have data as below:


When I convert this to a line chart, here is how I get it:


I would like to have the line chart to be as below such that the measures are displayed for each component as a separate line chart (managed screenshot):

Can someone please suggest what options I have ?

Hi There,

I would suggest creating 4 different reports each containing one component (in your case it looks like it’s the project). Once you have the separate reports, create a dashboard add add them at 100% width.

Link: Create dashboards - eazyBI.

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Thanks you. These are project hierarchy members (Components in our case) .

The list of project hierarchy members can grow. So when ever a new hierarchy member is added I may end up creating a new report and adding to the dashboard. Hence I see this as a work around.

Are there any other options?

I have another report where I am able to get the expected behavior but that is a Guage with one measure.

Gauge report:

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eazyBI does not have an option to build a nested set of reports. The suggested solutions are the ones described by @eli_solutions and yourself.

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