Setting a Target Line with Multiple Dimensions in Play

Hi All! New to the community here as I’ve learned a ton and gotten this super close to the finish line by reviewing other posts, but I’m up against a challenge beyond my level of understanding to solve.

I need to add a target line to a bar chart based on a custom dimension field called “Cost Category”. I created a user defined measure called “Category Savings Target”. Based on another topic I was able to figure out how to set the target based on the category value as follows:

WHEN [Cost Category].CurrentMember.Name = "Site"
THEN 1596000
WHEN [Cost Category].CurrentMember.Name = "Manufacturing & Outbound Freight"
THEN 423000
WHEN [Cost Category].CurrentMember.Name = "Material"
THEN 141000
WHEN [Cost Category].CurrentMember.Name = "Sales"
THEN 141000

The result looks as follows and is super close to what I need:

My problem is that I also need to break down each cost category by “Fix Version” as a stacked bar to show how each version adds up to the target. When I do that, my target repeats for every selected member. I know I’m missing something in my calculated measure and how it interacts with the dimension, but it’s beyond my understanding of the data structure to figure out. Can someone please help guide me here?

I’ll add the second screenshot in a reply since I can only post one…

Hi, @A_LeClaire .

Welcom to the eazyBI community.

You are close, indeed!

If you want to see one measure with the fixed version but another without the fixed version, please use Drill Into.

  1. Go back to the Table view.
  2. Remove the “Fixed Version” dimension from the columns.
  3. Click on “Project Savings created” and select “Drill Into”, select the dimension “Fixed Version”

Now, the measure “Project Savings created” has the Fixed Version, but the Target Line isn’t.