Setting axis values

Hello, I have 2 y axes in the below graph:

I want to be able to set the right y axis (i.e. the percentage) to be 200 and the left y axis (i.e. the Story points) to be dynamic…is that possible?

Here, you have to choose right axis and then set max:

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Follow-up question @strojna.ewa - us there are way to easily order the way the values on the x-axis appear (e.g. alphabetically)? Seems to be random for a graph I’m using at the moment:

I’ve got FixVersion (Rows) and Measures (Columns)

Default order is alphabetically, like on your graph. To make it in ascendig / descending or custom order you have to create new custom calculated member.
For ascending / descendig it would be Order function :
And for custom order: Aggregate

Thanks @strojna.ewa - the logic with eazyBI is something totally alien to me (and isn’t really something that’s easily ‘learnable’ from the documentation available)…

Do you (or anyone for that matter) have a Fix Version ordering Order function available or help me construct one? Ideally I want it to go Jan, Feb, Mar, etc but I think those that have numbers preceding the letter is causing an issue?

Hello jinbok11,

You can “bookmark” your fix versions and select by the order as you want.

Steps :

  1. Click on the each fix version and select “Book Mark”
  2. create aggregate function calculated member in Fix version dimension .
  3. in the "define new " form select the “book marked fix version” listed on right side panel by order which you want.
  4. use that calculated member in rows and expand it.

aggregate function Syntax:
[fixversion].[bookmarked fixversion1],
[fixversion].[bookmarked fixversion2],
[fixversion].[bookmarked fixversion3]

Reference Link : How to change order of columns and rows in the report?

Thanks, hope it helps.

Thanks @Ganesh - unfortunately, this isn’t sustainable, since Fix Versions are added all the time, throughout the year, so I’d have to manually add bookmarks over time.

I really just want to sort them by name (I think now they’re sub-ordered by Released / Unreleased) but finding it monumentally hard to do this in eazyBI…I don’t know the various ‘attributes’ that form up Fix Version to even try the Order thing myself or anything online to help me out…very frustrating it’s so difficult to adopt :unamused: