Sharing a URL for a specific Report or Dashboard

how can I share a URL for a specific Report or Dashboard?
Every time I cut and paste the URL and share it with somebody else, they go back to the main EazyBI Home page.
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Hello @luisa.randon,
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Although I already shared this answer with you in support email, I will post it here as well if someone else is looking for this.

Currently, there is no option to share eazyBI report as URL. eazyBI for Cloud works within Jira framework and we have one URL for a user for any report. We have some ideas on how to support but it is still in our backlog.

Meantime, You can consider publishing a report in Jira dashboard and sharing the Jira dashboard with your colleagues. Or share a report name as eazyBI has an option to search for a report by name.

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Is there the option to download the reports generated in eazybi from the Jira panel?

Hi @Marcelo_Ignacio_Cid1 ,
If you are using the eazyBI report in the Jira dashboard, then you can enable the export result option:

See more here on how to configure the eazyBI report gadget in the Jira dashboard: Publish in Jira dashboards

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Is filtering by a parameter in the URL possible now? We’re using EazyBi for JIRA DC On-Prem.

Hi @Anthony_B ,
The functionality of passing the selected_pages parameter currently only works with the report result export API functionality and embedded reports -

We do have a request similar to yours in our backlog. I added your vote to it, but I don’t have any estimates to share.

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