Show Calculated Numeric field correctly

I have a Calculated field (with Scriptrunner for Jira server) that calculates the following:

the structure of the data is - [issue type | score]
The calculation done is in bold

Epic A | a **= AVERAGE(aa,ab)**
  Task AA | aa
  Task AB | ab **= AVERAGE(aba,abb)**
    SubTask ABA | aba
    SubTask ABB | abb
Epic B | a **= AVERAGE(ba,bb)**
  Task BA | ba
  Task BB | bb 

When I import this field into eazyBI the values are not imported correctly.
For example, some time Tasks with sub-tasks or Epics don’t show a calculated score at all. Or sometimes the Task gets the score of all sub-tasks * 2 (in the above example: ab = AVERAGE(ba,bb) *2)

How Am I supposed to import this correctly??
I will very much appreciate your assistance here, trying to find a way for a long time.


Hi @elyashivg
Please find the documenation page on how to create and import scripted/calculated Jira fields:

In your case, I think you should import the field as integer and map to measures.
Then you could create a calculated measure where you define the calculation steps for each level using tuples (to ignore the children’s level values if they exist).

Martins / eazyBI

The calculation that I showed is done in the calculated field in script runner.
All I want is that when I import it to eazyBI it will come “as is” without any calculation.

I tried the following and it didn’t work:

([Issue Type].[Epic],[Measures].[Issue Calculated Score])

For some issues, the calculated score is imported and for some issues not.

Instead of “[Measures].[Issue Calculated Score]” I used also al the other automatic measures that come with a custom field - didn’t work.

Can you help?

Please reach out support@eazybi and provide more details

  1. Rest API results in JSON for one of the epics from Jira.
  2. advanced settings on how exactly you configure the field for eazyBI import.
  3. Report definition export to a text file where you tried to use the new imported measures.

Martins / eazyBI