Show days between custom dates in Time Dimension

We have two custom date fields as measure or property ( Start-Date ) and (End-Date)

We try to create a report which shows only days between our Start-Date and End-DAte like the
Time - Select individual members - Last 30 days

Is there a possibility to create this?

You can check out out some example reports in our demo account on how to set the filter based on two dates. Typically we name those measures as Time in xx or Time within xx.

For example, in this example report, we are have two custom date calculated measures report start date and report end date. We are using them as a filter for time dimension with calculated measure Time within report range.

Please take this into account: You can address issue properties issue start date and issue end date if you are using one particular issue in the report. You might want to define some custom measures by retrieving the related issue first start date and last end date for other scenarious. You can address a set of issues and pull in the first start data and last end date.
For example, like this:

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