Show hierarchy in columns not rows

One of our users requested for a report to be displayed in this manner:
The data below are displayed in the Columns, not in the rows.

I tried using Epic Link, Issues but I am getting this result

Is there a way to link the two dimensions so that I can display the data as per the 1st image?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Howell,
You can use the option to drill into a particular level from the issue level.
Here is this example report:

  • I have the Issue dimension both in Columns and Pages.
  • I filter two epics from Pages
  • and use option drill into the “Parent” level from the Issue Epic hierarchy.

Gerda //

Thanks Gerda it works!
Sorry for the late response.

I have a scenario which is somewhat similar.
My report column is using the Project and Issues dimensions.
The first column of the report is showing components while under it are Epics.

Right now all Epics are showing under each component.
I want to show only the epics that have the actual component under each component.
Can this be done without any scripting or calculated field?
If not, do you have any sample I can follow?