Show in report only issues, created after specific date


How can I show in report only issues, created after specific date?

For example, in table I have 10 issues, created on different dates (on December, January, February). But I want to work with issues, created after February, 20. And all other filters and changes will be applied only for these issues.

I guess I need to create some calculated members with filtering by date, but didn’t manage to create it.

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Resolved, I used jql in import for defining exact date of importing issues

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JQL filter in import options is a good solution, however, that would affect all other reports on your eazyBI account as well.
Another way to solve this would be by creating a calculated measure that would return the number of issues created in a specific time frame.

You could first create a calculated member in “Time” dimension to aggregate all dates after 20th of Feb

[Time].[Day].DateMembersBetween('Feb 20 2019','today')

And then use this member to create your calculated measure.

  [Measures].[Issues created],
  [Time].[After 20th of Feb] --reference to Time dimension calculated member

Martins / eazyBI