Show issues that were in 'Reopened' status and was assigned to a specific user

Hello, I’m trying to show issues that were in Reopened status that was assigned to a specific user. I say ‘was assigned’ because the ‘Assigned to’ field gets updated when it gets handed over to testing. In JQL, I get the correct results with this query:

issuetype in (Bug, Task, Improvement, Story) AND project in ("PROJ1") AND sprint in ("Sprint 104") AND assignee was john.doe AND status was in (Reopened)

In EazyBI, I attempt to make the same report by doing the following below - have the issue on Rows, project, issue type, assignee and sprint in Pages, then I have a calculated measure of ‘Reopened’ with the following formula:

  [Measures].[Transitions from status issues count],
  [Transition Status].[Reopened]

There are tickets on my JQL results that are not appearing as reopened in eazyBI. what am I missing here?