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Could you please help me to come up with a calculated measure which will give me a list of issues which changed their Issue Type. For example I would like to see the list of all Bugs which changed their issue type to Feedback or Support.

I am not interested how many times issue type has changed, I am just interested to see the sum of all Bugs (list of all Issue type “Bug”) which at some point changed their Issue Type to “Feedback” or “Support”.

Hi @Azalija

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In this case, you could try creating a new calculated measure using the following measure:

    [Issue Type].[Feedback],
    [Issue Type].[Support]
  [Measures].[Transitions to],
  [Transition Field].[issuetype],

It would count the number of times issue was changed to Feedback or Support

Then you could select this measure in your report and filter the report by this measure.
(New calculated measure > 0 )

Also, you could select the “Issues type” measure and filter your report for bugs only
(Issue type = Bug)

After that, if necessary, you could click on the column for new measure and remove the column from the report. Filter should remain

Martins / eazyBI support

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Hi @martins.vanags is there a way to have only the last issuetype in a report, respecting the selected filter.
Example: An issue was a Story then moved to an Epic but it is still being listed in a issue report even with a filter selecting only Stories because it was a Story in the past.

Thx :slight_smile:

Try selecting the measure “Issues created” in report columns.

Then filter the report by this column (Issues created > 0)
When filter is enabled, it is safe to click and remove “Issues created” column from the report.
That would let you filter issues by their current issue type.