Show jira's that have passed the due date (Overdue items)

How do I get eazybi to show the overdue items? So Jira’s that have passed the due date?



I assumed you are using JIRA’s default due date. If that’s the case, it could look like this:

Where “Issues with due date”, “Issue due date” and “Issue closed date” are measures that should already exist.

Define a new one, I called it “Days overdue”, with the following formula:

[Measures].[Issue due date],
[Measures].[Issue closed date]

Integer type.

Sorry, I’m looking for the amount of Jira’s that are overdue, not the amount of days that they are overdue.


For the count of overdue issues, you need to create a new calculated measure and use the Datecompare function to check if the due date of the issue is in the past (less than Now()).

    [Measures].[Issues with due date]>0 and
    isempty([Measures].[Issues resolved]) and
    DateCompare([Measures].[Issue due date],Now())<0

The measure iterates over all the issues having the due date and checking if the issue matches the condition.

Janis, eazyBI support

Thanks, this almost works, it also returns issues that have a due date set for 18th of June.