Show total hours spent on hierarchy level Initiative


I have the following hierarchy level created in JIRA:

Initiative–>Epic–>Standar Issue type–> Subtask
LAB–>Epic–>Standar Issue type–> Subtask

Now what I want to do is to take total hours spent on each of these 2 levels in order to get the % of hours spent for each of the hierarchy levels.

The hierarchy level is already configured.

Does anyone know how it could be defined?

Thank you!

Hi @Sergio28

Have you already defined the additional issue hierarchies in the eazyBI Advanced settings and imported them in the Issue dimension?

Would you like to Count the hours spent for all Initiative issues vs all LAB issues? Would you like the hours spent to be rolled up from the children level to the highest levels of the hierarchy?

The more info you provide, the best I can suggest a solution :slight_smile:

​Best regards,

Hello Nauris.

Yes, I have already configured that part:

Now what I need is to be able to get the totals for each hierarchy level:
Initiative–>Epic–>Standar issuetypes–>Sub-task
Lab–>Epic–>Standar issuetypes–>Sub-task
BAU–>Epic–>Standard issuetypes–>Sub-task

In order to get the % totals, something like this report (this report is currently only looking at the top level without taking into account the issues below the hierarchy):

Thak you!!!

Hi @Sergio28

Thanks for the additional details!

Please try defining a new calculated measure in the Measures dimension with a formula like this for each of the issue hierarchies:

    [Issue.Advanced Roadmaps].[Improvement].Members, 
    {[Issue.Advanced Roadmaps].[(none)]}
  [Measures].[Hours spent]

Note that I’m using here the “Advanced Roadmaps” hierarchy with the highest level “Improvement”.

When you’ve defined all these measures plot them against any dimension except the “Issue” dimension as the Issue dimension will re-adjust the context of the hours spent for these measures.

Let me know if this works as expected!
​Best regards,

Hello Nauris.

Thanks for the help, the update is as expected.

Thanks again, regards.

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