Show Transitions to status issues count without Sub-task

I’d like to show Transitions to status issues count without Sub-task in the period of time.
As you can see, the Sub-tasks (e.g., HCI-623) are calculated in my report, but I don’t know how to remove them.

Thanks for your help and best regards.

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Hi @Ness,

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I see two issue types selected in the screenshot - “Story” and “Task”. Is any of them, by chance, a sub-task type? If not, then I suspect the sub-task showing up in your report was transformed into a sub-task after transitioning to the respective status as a Story or Task. I recommend looking at the issues history in Jira to verify that.

eazyBI does analyze the Issue Type changes and returns the issue’s historical status with the historical issue type. If you want to analyze issues by their current status, I recommend defining a JavaScript calculated custom field, “Current Issue Type”. Please see a similar example here - Calculated Measure shows issues that have moved issue types.

See the eazyBI documentation page regarding JavaScript calculated custom fields - JavaScript calculated custom fields.

Roberts //

Hi, that table is very interesting.
What did you select for the Measures?