Showing change history of custom field values (imported as property & dimension)


I am trying to create a report where I track value changes of a single select custom field.
We have a process where we assign Support tickets to Dev pods for investigation, and these assignments can change based on the results of the Dev discovering the issue source.
I tries using the response here:, with the necessary field name changes, but only get the current value, not the values that existed over time.
Any ideas? can this be done or is the field not imported in away that enables this (As mentioned in title- imported as dimension+property)?

NonEmptyString (Generate(
[Pod].CurrentMember.Name <>’(none)’ and
[Measures].[Issues history]>0
[Pod].CurrentMember.Name, ‘,’))


At first, you may want to ensure that you have the additional line “Change = true” in your eazyBI advanced settings.
Next, you could double-check if issue change history is selected and imported
And finally, you must select to import value changes for your custom field (via eazyBI import settings).

Then your current calculated measure should generate a Pod member name that is the last value at the end of each displayed time period.

Note it will still generate all members (from all issues for the report context) on “All issues” row.

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Martins / eazyBI team

Thanks a lot, added the advanced setting configuration for the field and it worked:
data_type = “string”
dimension = true
get_changelog_string = true

There was some lag at first and the query timed out a few times until it started working (I guess the new DB table was indexing or something…)

however, since we dont have time periods smaller than a day, I dont get information on field value changes during the day- only one value per day as you mentioned.
Would a “Count” function of changes show value changes that occurred during the day as well? What would that function look like?


The “day” level is the deepest level of “Time” hierarchy, therefore this approach would not show changes during the day.
Only the latest value (at the end of the day) of a custom field would be displayed for each time period.

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