Showing Count of Organizations breaks when then filtering on Organizations

I am reporting on Jira Service Management Issues, and need to show the a count of organizations that created issues in a given month, along with the number of issues, and average issues per organization. I have achieved this with the following two calculated measures:

Count of Organizations:
Filter( Descendants([Organizations].CurrentMember,[Organizations].[Organizations]) ,
[Measures].[Issues created]>0)

Average Issues per Organization
[Measures].[Issues created]/
[Measures].[Distinct Org Count]

I also need to then add Organizations to the Pages so that I can see the average tickets per client for different groups of clients. This may seem odd - but I need to be able to say, for our largest clients (then select them in the dropdown) how many of them are submitting issues each month, and how many issues per month, on average.

When I add the Organizations to Pages and then select a few of them, my count of organizations is always zero (even though I can see that there are issues for those orgs in the given month).

Any ideas on how I could fix this? Thank you!

Hi @AbbyL,

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

​The Descendants() function works fine on core dimension members.
​When you use multiple-selection on pages, that creates a calculated member in the background.

​You might use the DescendantsSet() function instead. It was created as eazyBI specific additional MDX function to handle the set generation from the calculated members.
​You might read more about that function here - DescendantsSet.

​The updated expression might then be as follows.

 [Measures].[Issues created]>0)

​Oskars /