Showing original story points estimated for and epic with

Hi @AshMizon ,
You can achieve this report by following these steps:

  1. Select the Epic link custom field in the data import screen; the Epic issue hierarchy is created in the Issue dimension. More info here.
  2. In Rows chose Issue dimension and select hierarchy level Epic.
  3. In Measures select “Story Points created” - at Epic level it will sum all Story points for Epic itself and its children.
  4. In measures create two calculated members:
  • SP for EPIC - tuple what will return only story points for issue type Epic

  • SP for epic CHILDREN - this calculates the difference between ‘Story points created’ and ‘SP for Epic’ or in other words - gets the total story point count just for Epic children (without Epic itself).

[Measures].[Story Points created] - [Measures].[SP for EPIC]

The final result looks like this:

there was a similar question asked before and you can check the thread there to see some more details: Epic-Level Estimate.

But please let me know if you need any other assistance regarding this report,
Gerda /