Showing Sub-tasks that are defined under an Initiative or Epic

Our Org is using a sub-task under an initiative and/or epic that contains a checklist as a way to track all of the required approvers of the relevant work. Is there a way for me to create a report that shows the status of an Initiative/Epic as well as show the status and some fields of a specifically tagged sub-task?

Can this be accomplished thru a new custom field/dimension for Sub-Task?

Hi @Michael.Hermann,

​If you have built or imported the proper hierarchy in eazyBI, you might reach the relevant sub-task from the parent task and look up the property value of that sub-task.

​Suppose the sub-task is tagged as “list keeper” via Labelm, and the issue property to be retrieved is “approvers list”. The expression to retrieve the approvers list while displaying the parent issue at the “Initiative” level might look as follows.

--condition to check if the iteration through the sub-tasks is justified
([Measures].[Issues created],
 [Label].[list keeper],
 [Issue Type].[Sub-task])>0
--set of sub-tasks under displayed issue
--filter condition - has the proper label
  ([Measures].[Issues created],
   [Label].[list keeper],
   [Issue Type].[Sub-task])>0
    ).item(0).Get("Approvers list")

However, if you use a different approach or multiple sub-tasks for each of them to store a separate approval - that might require a different approach.
​Please share more details about your setup and expected reporting requirements to help you with a better solution.

​Oskars /​