Showing the Feature/Enabler of an issue's Parent Epic

Hi. I am trying to build a report that shows all closed issues (stories) during a certain time frame. Easy. But I also want to be able to see what was selected in the feature/enabler field of the issue’s parent (in this case, the Epic) I’ve created a new calculated member, just not sure what formula to drop in there.


To get a number of closed issue per time period, you may want to use standard measure “Issues closed” together with Time dimension.

To display value from issue’s parent issue at some specified level, you may refer to this higher level issue using Ancestor() function and then usefunction Get() to retrieve a property value from this higher level issue. See example where Epic Status is retrieved from issue’s epic (for both, parent and sub-task issues):

Case when
 not ([Issue.Epic].CurrentMember is [Issue.Epic].DefaultMember)
 Ancestor([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember,[Issue.Epic].[Epic]).get('Epic Status')

Use your feature/enabler field property value instead of ‘Epic Status’!