Showing Time to Resolution

I am relatively new to EazyBI and I have found how to return most values. What I am trying to do is to show all Open Incidents, along with how many hours left until they breach Resolution SLA. I can get the date they are due to breach, but I would like the hours, like you see in Jira.

This is mainly for our High Priority issues so we can monitor using a dashboard where we are at.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Anita,

Can I ask if this is Service Desk or regular JIRA? Is the SLA counting plugin bases?


This is the Jira Service Desk. Not quite sure what you are referring to with regards to SLA counting plugin bases.


Thanks for your reply


for issues with not completed SLA cycles, there is imported a property “Issue SLA Due date” (read more about SLA properties here).

You may create a calculated measure that shows time from now until this date:

  [Measures].[Issue SLA Due date]

Use correct SLA property in the formula. Set formatting #hh #mm for the measure.

The measure will show results on issue level only.