Simple JIRA report with Issues & release date


*** Working with eazyBI for Jira (version 5.2.1) .

I need to provision an Issue (=Jira Epic) report with the fields:

(A) Issue Key, (B) Issue Name, © FixVersion, (D) Fix Version Release Date.

A,B,C - are available in my Jira under Issues table.

D - is available under FixVersion table.

I imported Source data from Jira, and under ‘Analyze’ provisioned

an Issues Report:



Columns -> Measures: Issue status = show + Version release date = show.

All is good, except each version isntance created, is a new column. I want just one column with one text (version name or version date):

Can you assist?



Fix Version dimension is a multiple value dimension. We do not import versions as issue properties.

I would suggest using Fix version dimension on Rows after Issue and show Version level there:

Daina /

like this post but is there a way to add the status (released/unreleased)
as a column?