SLA "import tickets according to the resolve date not last update date"


When calculating the June SLA, for example, it imports tickets according to the date of the last update, as in the attached screenshots, and I want to import tickets according to the resolve date, Is there a solution for that?

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The incremental import of issues works according to the last updated date, which means the issues are reimported (changed in eazyBI) if the updated date is after the last import date.

In the case of the SLAs, however, the measures are mapped to the time dimension by the date of when the SLA cycle was completed. As far as I can see from the SLA name, it should be counted by the issue resolution date (assuming that Helpdesk resolution SLA means issue resolved). So, the ticket from your screenshot is counted as breaching Helpdesk SLA for May.

Janis, eazyBI support


On behalf of Haytham as we are facing the same thing,
As per SS we need to get the tickets that the resolved date in June for example so when we choose June 2021 it shows tickets that updated in June … what updated mean … in Jira after the ticket resolved it become closed after some days and that mean the customer or the support agent cannot open it again. so we just need to ignore get tickets by the update date we just need to filter by resolved data .

in Example for the above SS this ticket should be appear in May as it resolved in May 2021 .
I hope that is clear now

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