SLA on pause time tracking



Hello, I used easybi for tracking average time that users are spending on resolve issues in jira service desk.
If I want to get average time for all closed issues, I use this member formula:
[Measures].[Time to resolution Elapsed hours] /
[Measures].[Time to resolution Completed cycles]
But i have to track issues that not closed( these issues on “resolved” status and SLA on pause, becouse only customer should close issue). How I can achieve this?


Import fields with using JS helped to solve this problem.
SLA on pause have ongoingCycle object in issue’s JSON.
Use elapsedTime value and create new customfield with this value.



You are right; the JS can be the solution since the elapsed time is available in the JSON also for the ongoing cycles.

Thank you for pointing to this solution; we might need to consider if the elapsed hours could be a standard measure also for the issues with the paused SLA cycles. Note, however, that this value is collected at the moment of when the data import happened.

Janis, eazyBI support