SLA Top 5 Issues Order by Time to Resolution Breached


I want to create a dashboard that returns me the top 5 issues that have been breached in ascending order of the time following the breached. I’m having a hard time returning the exact same values as the SLA displayed on the ticket:


For now, I’m doing the following:

[Measures].[Issue Time to resolution Due date]

It doesn’t return me the exact same thing as the SLA since it doesn’t take into consideration the SLA. Is there a better approach ?

Thank you

Hi, @Karim_Momo

Thank you for your question. You are close!

Instead of using DateDiffMinutes, please consider using DateDiffWorkhours. Read more here: DateDiffWorkhours

The new formula should look something like this:

  [Measures].[Issue Time to resolution Due date], 
) *60

I added “*60” to get the result in minutes; also, you need to choose the formatting - duration. Please see the picture below.

Then choose our built-in column feature - “Bottom rows”. See the picture below.