Slow import with properties


I noticed, that when you add several properties to your SQL import, the performance of said import drops dramatically. Same import with props is slower about 100 times, than without (only with dimensions and measures).
Is there any insight or advice on this matter?

Using Private eazyBI (version 4.7.2). Custom SQL import from MSSQL.


Importing additional properties could be a bit slower (but not slower by a margin) as it means that more data should be stored (inserted or updated) in the eazyBI tables. Also, it could be that adding those properties to the source SQL statement could slow down data gathering.
There could be additional problems if there is a large amount of source data records as, currently, for MS SQL database eazyBI reads all data into memory. This will change in the next Private eazyBI release - data will be fetched by portions. Therefore, less memory will be consumed.

To see what could cause problems in your case, please collect eazyBI log files from EAZYBI_HOME/log directory and send to our support email

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