Sorting issues by due date with transition status timing

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I’m looking to create a bar chart of issues and how long they have spent in a set of transition statuses, similar to A, where each issue has a single bar:

However, I’m looking to have these issues ordered by their due date, and correctly fall under each month based on this field.

For example, with the data in the above image (B), I would want XXXX-1 to be listed under the May , and XXXX-2 under August, and so on.
workdaysInTransitionStatus-groomed is calculated as the following:

  {[Transition Status].[Groomed]},
  [Measures].[Workdays in transition status]

I am unsure of how to override “Workdays in transition status” controlling where an issue is placed in Time. Is it reasonable to do what I am looking for?

Thank you in advance!


Try these steps.

  1. switch to table view and temporarily remove the “Transition status” dimension from the report.
  2. select the measure “issues with due date” from the “Measures” in report columns
  3. click on the column “Issues with due date” and select to filter rows by this column with “>” greater than filter and type integer 0.
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  4. After that, it is safe to click on the column “Issues with due date” and remove it from the report. Filter conditions should be visible in the toolbar now.
  5. Add “Transition Status” back to report columns.
  6. create new calculated measure to let eazyBI ignore the “Time” filter for the Workdays calculation.
[Transition Status].[Groomed],
[Measures].[Workdays in transition status]

That code will calculate the total time in status Groomed for each issue regardless when the issue have due date.

Martins / eazyBI

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Thank you! This was exactly what I was looking for.