Sorting report in descending Order

I am new to eazyBI and I would like to know how we can sort an eazyBI report in DESC order.

Requirement is: I have a report which should the defects reopened by each team member and sort it in descending order. As of now, my report sort order is jumbled.

Could you pls help


When you hover over a column, you some arrows will appear. You can click on those to perform sorting.


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This kind of sorting would require a calculated member in “Issue Type” dimension to aggregate three issue types into a new member.
Try this code:

 [Issue Type].[Bug],
 [Issue Type].[Enhancement],
 [Issue Type].[Sub-bug]

Then you could select this new member from Issue Type dimension and collapse it.

Next, you sort your report by Transition Status member.
Later you could expand the issue type member to issue type level and finally remove the header column.

See attached gif.

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Martins / eazyBI support

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