Source file import periodically


Can I import the source file periodically by placing the Excel(or .csv) source data on a specific shared server or local server??
(Like “Regular import frequency” in JIRA Application import Options)



Currently, the scheduled data import for excel/CSV files is not supported yet, but we are working to make that possible in one of future versions.

The closest possible workaround is google spreadsheets at the moment

Martins / eazyBI support

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Thanks Martins :slight_smile:!

I’d like to ask if you have a rough target schedule.

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Unfortunately, I can’t share any ETA for this feature request.
Usually we announce all new features in our changelog:

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OK , I understand.
Thank you for your kind reply :smile:

Since eazyBI version 6.2, there is an option to create a directory on the Jira server, and eazyBI will perform automatic source file import from there. Then you can copy CSV and Excel files into these folders (matching account IDs), and eazyBI will upload and import them into the specified account every 10 minutes.

More details are here: Excel and CSV file upload - eazyBI.

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