Source File - List of issue


When I build reports in EazyBI using the Issues cube which comes with the Jira Application source, there is an option to “Drill Through Issue ”, which basically gives the ability to display a list of all the issues that comes under the selected criteria.

When I build reports using data from source file, this functionnality is not available.
How can I get the list of issue from each part of my reports (like the functionnality “Drill through Issue”) ?


Thank you for your post.
It is not currently possible to use the custom dimension for the drill-through functionality. The recommended workaround is to use the drill across feature instead.

We have a similar request in our backlog, and I can upvote this item. I cannot give an estimate of if and when it might be implemented, though.

Janis, eazyBI support

I would like to vote for this functionality, I am looking to enable it on my custom cubes too.