Sparkline for last 5 sprints including Current

I am trying to build a Sparkline Column showing last 5 sprints(including current sprint) closed story points. Please help on the mdx.

-- set of last 5 closed sprints
      -- filter last 5 previous sprints in a board starting from current sprint
      -- set the count of last closed sprints for running velocity
      5 )
-- numeric expression
  [Measures].[Story Points closed]

Hi @bhtan,

The measure “Story points closed” returns the number of story points for the closed issues. That is relevant if you use status to indicate the issue completion.
​​The conditions for filtering Sprints indicate that you are looking for the number of story points for the closed sprints.
​In that case you might look for some of the Sprint scope measures - “Sprint Story Points completed” or “Sprint Story Points at closing”.

​Please read more about Sprint scope measures here - ​Sprint scope measures.

​However, if that does not help, there might be influence from the rest of the report context.
​In that case, please export and share the full report definition for investigation - Export and import report definitions.

​Oskars /